It’s a common theme.

Crops up in my inbox over and over again.

Qigong Players, just like you, struggling to find the time for their daily practice.

If this is something you find yourself battling with – and everyone does at some point during their Qigong adventure – then today’s Qigong Daily was written just for you.

Here’re 7 ways you can overcome this challenging obstacle to long-term progress:

  1. Get Clarity – Have clearly defined, inspiring – dare I say ‘exciting’ – aims and objectives for your practice.
  2. Get Immersion – Limiting beliefs and doubts are common problems that can undermine your regular practice. Immerse yourself in books, re-read your favourite Qigong Daily’s (you’ll find over 500 of them right here on this blog), it’s time to dig deep Grasshopper.
  3. Get Certain – The concept of change – even positive change – can bring with it fear and uncertainty, the antidote is proof. And the most powerful proof is when you see the benefits of your Qigong practice for yourself. The Progress Tracker is a powerful tool for noticing improvements you might otherwise miss.
  4. Get Accountable – I’m the author of 4 Qigong books, Qigong DVD’s, home study courses and I write Qigong related posts like this every week day. The only way I get this stuff done is with an AP (Accountability Partner). Just be careful who you choose.
  5. Get A Practice Buddy – It’s amazing what we’ll do when we’re doing it with someone else. Plus practicing with a friend or family member is great fun.
  6. Get Your Priorities Straight – Ever noticed how those ‘things’ that NEED to be done get done? And those it would be NICE to get done get easily pushed aside? Just saying…
  7. Get Out Of Bed Earlier – Obvious I know and easier said than done. But we all get 1,440 minutes a day and your practice only takes 15. So what are you doing with the other 1,425?

Now, I’ve barely scratched the surface here in this Qigong Daily.

So how would you like the full story on these ‘Magnificent 7’?

If you’re struggling to find time each day for your practice you’ll find them very helpful.

Now imagine you could access all of that and find out what my views are on these subjects:

  1. How can you feel more inspired about your practice?
  2. If you’re a beginner just starting out, here’s what to do.
  3. If you never feel like you’re getting anywhere with your practice, here’s the solution.
  4. If you’re currently restricted in your mobility here’s how to make adjustments.
  5. Does your mind wander all the time during practice? Here’s what to do.
  6. Which is the best Qigong exercise for you to practice? I’ll reveal all.
  7. Want to stay motivated for you daily practice? The answers right here.
  8. Need to get clear on what your aims and objectives are for your Qigong practice? This’ll help.
  9. Want better sleep? I’ll give you 6 ‘Better Sleep’ tips that’ll have you sleeping like a baby in no time.
  10. Interested in discovering how I hand my practice? It’s all about routines Grasshopper!
  11. Wondering about visualisations in your practice? Here’s my take on it.
  12. So you want an occasional kick in the rear? I don’t think you’ll like my views on this one.

And… If that wasn’t enough…

Imagine if you could also discover the solutions to 11 of the toughest Qigong challenges regularly faced by my clients, like:

  1. The full story on overcoming the ‘I can’t find the time’ hurdle.
  2. Not seeing any improvements.
  3. Fear of being open/letting go.
  4. Fear of not practicing correctly.
  5. Procrastination
  6. Will my health issues prevent me achieving my objectives?
  7. Feeling embarrassed during Energy Flow.
  8. Thinking too much during practice.
  9. Lack of money
  10. Will practicing Qigong go against my religious beliefs?
  11. What to do if you have no access to a teacher.

Well, you’ll find all of this in my Kindle book titled appropriately:

Your Biggest Qigong Challenges Solved

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Oh, and if you’re one of my treasured Inner Circle members, I gave you a complimentary copy of this eBook on the resources and videos download page for last months QIC Letter.

Right, that’s it for today.

Bye for now