I bought my air ticket to Portugal earlier this week.

Game on!

And I spoke with Edie yesterday on Skype ironing out a few details for my visit to the USA.

I’m so excited about teaching in Portugal and the USA.

I can’t wait.

Teaching Qigong face to face, heart to heart is one of my favourite things.

I can’t tell you how ‘electric’ it feels to watch people blossom as they pick up the skills and techniques of authentic Qigong.

It’s an amazing experience.


  • If you’re serious about your Qigong practice.
  • If you want to develop your skills and increase the result you’re getting.

Then the best way is to learn directly from me.



I’m not bragging when I say this, I’m simply stating a fact.

Let me give you an example of why.

On Saturday 27th April, I got to meet one of my heros.

ET the Hip Hop Preacher, also known as: Eric Thomas.

He’s the dude who peer-reviewed Part 4 – NonQigong Tools, of my book Smiling From The Heart (http://smilingfromtheheart.com) and he was generous enough to give me a lovely testimonial for it too.


Me and ETI’ve been a huge fan of ET’s for years now.

Every monday I’m there watching his TGIM (Thank God It’s Monday) inspirational video on Youtube.

His online material is very good.

So you can imagine I was excited to finally be able to meet him face to face, heart to heart in London.

Now, he was only on stage for about 30 minutes, but the 300+ crowd was electrified.

And thanks to my VIP ticket, I got to speak with ET face to face, heart to heart.

It was a powerful experience I’ll benefit from for the rest of my days.

And here’s the point:

  • I’ve read ET’s 199 page autobiography: The Secret To Success
  • I’ve watched every single Youtube video he’s ever made. Current total 235 videos.
  • I’ve listened to hours of his audio material.

It’s all very good.


It’s NOTHING compared to the 60 mins I got to spend face to face, heart to heart with him in London.


Because there’s powerful, non-verbal communication going on when two or more people, who are all on the same page, gather as a group for a single purpose.

It’s called Heart to Heart transmission, you might have heard of it? And it doesn’t just happen in Qigong.

Now, I could write about heart to heart transmission all day, and still miss the mark. It’s something you have to experience directly.

I consider my books, my DVD’s and my online Qigong materials to be some of the very best Qigong resources available in the world. And whilst I did everything I could to make them as valuable and comprehensive as possible…

The truth is they’re pale reflections of what I deliver face to face, H2H.

Since day 1 of the Qigong15 project I’ve always maintained that learning Qigong directly from a great Qigong teacher is the best way to learn Qigong.

Portugal and Maryland USA represent your opportunity to learn PERFECT Qigong directly from me.

For full details:

Portugal: 6th and 7th July.
Workshops: PERFECT Qigong workshops.
Web: PERFECT Qigong Portugal
Organiser: Joao at: perfectqigongportugal@gmail.com

USA: 16th to 18th August.
Workshops : 8 Pieces Brocade (2 days) and Smiling From The Heart (1 day).
Web: Visit http://qigong15.com/usa/ Reduced rates if you reserve your place before August 1st.
Organiser: Edie at edie@perfectqigong.com

I really hope you can get to one of these events because I’d love to meet you face to face and teach you PERFECT Qigong directly…

…from my heart to yours.

See you soon.