A friend of my Facebook page made a very interesting comment to a post I made and it really stuck with me. I’ve been chewing it over ever since and it’s the reason for this Qigong blog post.

The comment that started all this was in response to the Q365 post: Frankensteins Qigong Monster

“If I had the opportunity and resources to learn face-to-face I would, however that isn’t the case for everyone.”

I believe that the very best way to learn Qigong, to learn anything for that matter, is directly from a great teacher. I think we can all agree on that.

Learning Qigong

But what happens if you can’t afford to invest £18,000 and 9 years of travelling 1000’s of miles (like I did) to learn Qigong directly from a Qigong master?

There are many Qigong teachers who will tell you that you can’t learn Qigong unless it is face-to-face with them. I used to be one of them. These teachers usually don’t have books, DVD’s, online Qigong courses etc. So I guess that if they didn’t promote this message they’d have no students.

I certainly used to think this, that the only way to learn Qigong was face-to-face with me. I used to think that books, DVD’s etc were valuable only as reference tools for those who had learned Qigong face-to-face or as a tool to inspire students to come and learn from me face-to-face.

But two years of promoting the Qigong Secrets Home Study Course, providing support, answering their questions and the feedback I’ve received from students, many of whom have had no face-to-face Qigong tuition in the past has made me question this: ‘face-to-face is the only way to learn Qigong’ – opinion.

Qigong secrets Testimonials

Sure, it is best to learn Qigong direct from a good teacher, but what do you do if:

  1. There are no good Qigong teachers near you? The truth is that due to Qigong being so overshadowed by Yoga, Tai Chi, Meditation and Reiki you’re very unlikely to find a Qigong teacher of any calibre near you. Though I have noticed that an increasing number of Tai Chi teachers have started to offer Qigong classes as part of their repertoire.
  2. Family, work or financial commitments mean you can’t travel 1000’s of miles to learn Qigong direct? I realise now just how understanding my wife has been. “Hey honey, we’re not going on holiday this year because I’m spending £2000 on a week in Malaysia learning Qigong healing techniques.” That’s not a fun conversation to have.

Do these two factors mean you’re not able to learn Qigong? Do they mean that you’re not a worthy student if you’re not prepared to make sacrifices to learn face-to-face?

I certainly don’t think so.

I was fortunate enough to always be able to learn Qigong face-to-face and to increase my understanding of Qigong theory by reading books on Qigong. But I have met quite a number of Qigong practitioners who were able to achieve a relatively high standard of practice from book learning alone.

This is where I need your help, you see I know what I think about this subject, but as a Qigong teacher trying to get the gift of Qigong out to the world, I’m more interested in what you think about learning Qigong.

What has been your experience of learning Qigong? Whatever route you may have taken.

Whilst I encourage you to be as specific as possible, this is not a platform for building up, or putting down other teachers of Qigong. I’d love to know what worked for you, what didn’t work for you, what do you think about book, DVD, online, Skype learning? What are your experiences of face-to-face Qigong learning?

Please leave your comment in the box below. Normal rules apply: We’re all cool like the Fonz and we can disagree without being disagreeable.

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Marcus James Santer