I don’t understand the science behind it.

I just know that:

Cold outside + broken boiler inside + old crappy double glazing =
Massively wet windows in the morning

To get an idea of how wet consider this question:

How much water do you think I collected yesterday morning wiping down all the windows in my house?

If it helps I use one of those super absorbent cloths and wring it out frequently into a bucket.

What do you think?





Take a guess and then click this link for the correct answer:


So how’d you do?

I know, I was pretty shocked too the first time I emptied the contents of my bucket out.

And it’s got to be the least enjoyable 15 minutes of my day.

Unlike my Qigong practice which has got to be my favourite.

Anyway, moving on…

My diary tells me today is ‘Thanks Giving’ in the US.

Now I’m an English guy and to be honest I’ve no idea what ‘Thanks Giving’ is all about.

Maybe Edie, the PQUSA organiser, will write and let me know.

But I’m thinking the answer is in the question so to speak.

Giving thanks.

And I guess that extends to everything.

Well today when all my American readers celebrate Thanks Giving, I’d like to give thanks to you for being a reader of the Qigong Daily.

And of course I want to give thanks to Qigong.

For giving me my favourite 15 minutes, not once but twice a day.

Thanks to PERFECT Qigong I have a simple way to:

  • Feel physically relaxed.
  • Emotionally calm.
  • Mentally focused.
  • Spiritually aware.

All at the same time.

And whilst I’m randomly bouncing from subject to subject like the ball in a pinball machine…

I’m also grateful to be able to let you know I received an email yesterday from the dudes printing my Shaolin Chi Kung and Smiling From The Heart books.

Apparently they’re scheduled for delivery on Monday 2nd December.

I know, how exciting is that?

So if you’ve pre-ordered a copy it’ll be shipped out to you as soon as the Exeter Road Post Office opens on Tuesday morning.

Come fair weather or fowl, I’ll be there.

And if you haven’t pre-ordered a copy yet…

…You’ve either already got a copy…

…You don’t want a copy (say what?)…


…You don’t like 45% discounts and want to pay full price for a copy once they arrive and the Qigong Daily reader pre-order discount is taken away.


Whatever the reason.

There’s still time to change your mind and grab yourself two of my best selling books, at a price so low it’ll never be repeated.

Full story here:


Bye for now


P.S. A very happy thanks giving to all my American cousins across the pond =)