What we learn to do,
We learn by doing

Smart geezer that Aristotle bloke.

And I completely agree with him, the best way for you to learn anything is by actually doing it.

Sure you’re gonna make mistakes along the way.

But you learn from them too and add them to your experience.

When it came to Qigong:

  • I learned Qigong by practising Qigong.
  • I learned to teach Qigong by teaching Qigong.
  • I learned to write about Qigong by writing about Qigong.

Yup, you’ll want to watch other people doing what you want to do.

You’ll want to speak with people who can do what you want to do.

And you’ll want to read what those who can do what you want to do have to say.

All of the above will be of great benefit.


Learning without doing is like having an expensive car sat in your garage you never use.


Now take it from one who knows: Theory on it’s own can help you feel like you’re a master of something.

But it’s not until you put your theory into practice, by doing that you start on the road to true mastery.

Here’s an example.

After reading books, watching videos and talking with people I’ve started to make my own knives. And you know what?

They’re crap.

They’re truly rubbish.

Now I’ve noticed when I do anything new, I suck at it.

But if I keep ‘doing’ and learning from my mistakes. This weird thing happens.

Can you guess what it is?

That’s right Grasshopper I get a bit better.

I tell ya, it’s amazing how I ever became a Qigong teacher with 4 books and a host of online courses under my belt. Because if you could zoom back in time and look at how I started out, honestly you’d cringe.

  • I’d count my reps.
  • I’d time myself to the second.
  • I’d read more than I’d practice.
  • I’d practice in inappropriate places.

And so on.

I think I made every mistake it’s possible to make in Qigong.

But I stuck with it and eventually I became pretty good at it.

So, next time you think about learning something new, remember the Royal Road to mastery is not through theory alone, but by doing.

Have a great weekend.


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