Top of the morning to you, I trust you had an enjoyable weekend.

Anyway, forget all that for now, buckle up tight, because we’re going for a fast ride…

You’re a passenger in a Dodge Viper ACR zooming around the infamous Nurburgring race track at speeds of over 160mph.

Take a good look at the racing car driver beside you, look at the focus in their eyes. Kinda reminds you of a cat watching a mouse hole right?

You can feel the adrenaline pulsing through your body as the driver skilfully navigates the corners at speeds you never dreamed possible.

Suddenly the car skids out of control and you’re travelling at over 100 mph towards a wall.

This is gonna hurt!

Your eyes lock onto the wall and your life flashes before you, but the driver turns his head and deliberately forces himself to look where he wants the car to go.

Years of experience channel through his hands, as he wrestles with the steering wheel, fighting to point the car back towards the safety of the track…

It’s going to be close…

Very close…

Breathing again you realise the car has finally stopped skidding and is back on the track.

You’re safe.

What just happened?

This story demonstrates the importance of focusing on what you want Vs what you don’t want.

For example…

If you notice your negative ‘self talk’ is skidding out of control. Filling you with fear, scarcity, loneliness and insecurity. Or trying to convince you you’re ‘less than’ in anyway.

You can consciously force it back on track, back to the good things, people and places in your life.

A simple way to do this is gratitude.

Gratitude is such a powerful tool because it forces you to:

Focus on what you have Vs what you don’t have.

Please remember, you’re in the driving seat of your life, you get to choose what you focus on, but ask yourself if what you’re focusing on is taking you nearer to where you want to be, or further away.

If the answer is further away, making a gratitude list is a simple way to get back on track again.

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Enjoy your practice.

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