Spring is just around the corner here in Devon. I can smell it in the air, I can feel it in the wind, I can hear it in the bird song in my garden and I can see it in the new buds on the trees and the daffodils that are sprouting now. As a result I’ve decided it’s time for some Spring cleaning here are Qigong15.

I’ve been using a service called Aweber to reach out, stay in contact with and deliver free Chi Kung/Qigong reports, Qigong blog posts and all manner of announcements to students and interested readers since 2006.

During that time I’ve built up a quite a number of different ‘lists’. I currently have 13 which are active.

For example the last Tuesday broadcast of the blog post: The Two Keys To Recovery With Qigong was sent out to 1449 readers and 435 clicked on a link in that email. I.e. 30% of the people I contacted did something with the email.

My aim is remain in contact with that 30% and release the other 70% who are no longer interested in the message I am sharing.

On the 6th March 2012 I am going to be turning off 9 of the old lists. There’s a very good chance that yours will be one of them.

Time To Spring Clean At Qigong15From next week I will be sending out a much shorter version of the weekly update. It will not contain the 7 posts from the Qigong365 project. If you wish to read those, either visit the Q365 page and sign up for daily updates, or visit my Facebook page.

If you wish to continue receiving weekly Qigong news, updates and announcements from me then I need you to re-subscribe using the opt-in box below.

When you do so, I will need you to go to the email address you opted in with and click on the ‘Response required’ email that Aweber will send you. In this email is a link you must click to confirm that you want to keep in touch. This is to make certain that it is you that has requested to stay in contact with me.

The optin box below is the one I use with people who buy my online Shaolin Chi Kung book, so don’t be concerned if you get a message saying you are already on this list. That means you will continue to receive emails from me.

When filling the opt in box below, make sure you click on each box and enter your data, pressing tab will take you to the other opt in box on this page =)

Free Qigong Goodness Here

Enter your first name, preferred email address and click the ‘submit’ button.

Once you’ve opted in and confirmed your request for information from me you’ll be able to access the 6 free reports that I offer. They are:

  1. How Qigong Works
  2. Stress Report
  3. Do You Make These Mistakes With Qigong?
  4. The 7 Lies of Qigong
  5. 7 Common Beginners Mistakes In Qigong
  6. Free Qigong Exercise (the prototype of the free 21 day online Qigong course)

Chances are you’ve already got or read these Qigong reports, but if not, they’re still worth a read.

I’d like to thank all those of you who wish to continue your journey with me. And for those who don’t, thank you for your interest in my work.

Enjoy your practice.

Kindest regards

Just a qigong instructor





Marcus James Santer