Qigong Healing and Happiness

Before we look at techniques you can use to promote health and happiness let’s start with a quick recap of some of the basic principals of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) – the theory that forms the foundation of qigong and the techniques of qigong healing.

  • TCM is so very different from western medical theory – and yet it has been used successfully to keep one of the largest populations on the plant, for the longest duration of documented history – healthy.
  • Everything is Qi/energy – quantum physics, the cutting edge of western scientific thought agrees that everything is energy.
  • Energy in humans flows through channels – these channels are called meridians.
  • There is no such thing as an incurable illness – though of course this does not mean that all illness is curable. If an illness has been left untreated for too long it may have caused irrepareable damage to the functions of the body.
  • There is only 1 illness – and that is Yin/Yang disharmony and is caused by disruptions/blockages to energy flow through the meridians.
  • To live a long, healthy and happy life – we must restore harmonious energy flow through the meridians, i.e. we must remove blockages and then increase the flow of energy through the meridians.
  • Qigong, qigong healing – and the techniques I will share in this series of posts are known to help restore harmonious energy flow.

In this series of posts I will be focusing on techniques that focus particularly on the emotional aspects of health. So many illness’s and dis-eases prevalent in our world today have at their root an emotional cause. Cutting edge and controversial research out of Germany by Dr. Hamer supports the belief that strong emotional shock can manifest years later as serious illness. According to Dr Hamer[1]:

the real cause of cancer and other diseases is an unexpected traumatic shock for which we are emotionally unprepared.

There is a saying that “All healing begins with the heart” — or put another way problems of the Heart System are best cured by techniques that work to open (or remove blockages from) the Heart System.

We’ll look at this in more detail in the next qigong healing post.

Marcus James Santer

References:[1] http://www.newmedicine.ca/