All Recovery Begins With the Heart

By now I’m certain you know that I am not referring to the western medicine version of the heart. I am referring to the TCM version. So to be more exact I am referring to the Heart System.

There is a saying that problems of the heart are best cured by the heart.

So what are these problems of the heart? Well, pretty much every emotional illness you can think of. And personally I believe that virtually all illness has at its root an emotional cause. But specific illness attributed to the heart would be neurological and psychiatric disorders. Perhaps the most well known illness of the heart is depression.

The heart is the seat of the mind and emotion. Where mind here means Shen or Spirit. It’s the real you and it affects:

  • Your Consciousness
  • Your ability to articulate thoughts
  • Your memory
  • Your intelligence
  • Your creativity

As we have covered in a previous post, there is only 1 illness, though it may manifest in thousands of ways. That illness is yin/yang disharmony caused by disrupted qi flow through the meridians (energy streams) of the body.

To cure the heart we want to focus on techniques and principals that benefit the heart system and that work to promote harmonious qi flow in the meridians, but specifically the heart meridian.

I know of 7 techniques or therapeutic principals for working with the Heart, here are 2 that you can work with and use yourself:

  1. Opening the heart – the heart is the Emperor, when it is open it benefits all the emotions. If you want to be happy you must open your heart.
  2. Calming the mind – when the mind is calm other emotional problems are easier to manage.

In the next few posts I will present you with some techniques you can use to work safely on opening the heart and calming the mind.

Bye for now

Marcus James Santer