Qigong Exercises

Qigong is an ancient Chinese practice that has been around for centuries. The word qi means life force and gong means work or effort, so qigong exercises are designed to help you improve your health by directing the flow of energy in your body.

The best examples of qigong exercise can be found in the 18 Lohan Hands Qigong Set where each form works on different internal organs to improve your quality of life. Combining calm breathing techniques with body movement to direct the qi energy, you will be surprised by what this Chinese healing practice offers. These detailed movements combined with breath control give you a gentle form of physical exercise with healing properties.

The practice of Qigong is considered a natural alternative to conventional medicine. It can be used for healing and balance and aid in rehabilitation and relaxation. It is also fun to practice an ancient art that improves your physical and mental health!

I give a breakdown of which qigong exercise is best according to the body function you wish to work on or pain to overcome. Qigong healing is an effective treatment option for many of the health problems we now face in daily life.

Sometimes known as health qigong, these qigong exercises are intended to be practiced many times per week to ensure the benefits build and build.

You can also learn about Zhan Zhuang, a type of qigong exercise known as “Stance Training” where you hold a fixed posture to develop internal force. Famous examples include Horse Riding and 3 Circles.

You may also be interested in advanced qigong exercises and their fascinating effects on your body and mind.

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Lastly, another advanced type of qigong is called Sinew Metamorphosis which is best learned directly from a qigong teacher.