PERFECT: C = Cosmic Balance

Continuing our look at the PERFECT Qigong System I use with my students to help them gain the techniques and skills of Qigong/Chi Kung quicker and easier – C stands for Cosmic Balance.

Cosmic Balance is when we enter standing meditation, or standing Zen.

Meditation has a dramatic and positive effect on stress and the physical and emotional problems caused by stress.

If we look at Energy flow, we can see that the emphasis is on ‘movement’, when we come to Cosmic Balance, the emphasis is on stillness. In this relationship we can say that Energy Flow is Yang, and that standing Zen is yin. Hence the name Cosmic Balance, because it brings Yin/Yang harmony to our practice.

Standing Zen is where we consolidate the benefits of our practice. It is also where we learn to calm the mind and therefore every time we practice Qigong we are also learning to calm the mind and eventually still the mind.

Cosmic Balance/standing Zen is the 3rd of the Three Core Skills of Qigong. The simple instruction is to simply think of nothing. But if you’re like the vast majority of people, this is easily said, but virtually impossible to do.

So what do we do?

We use the one thought to overcome the 10 000 thoughts. And what is the one thought? It is this:

When we breathe in gently through the nose, we say the word (to ourselves) ‘In’, and when we breathe out gently through the nose, we say the word (to ourselves) ‘Out’.

In, Out, In, Out – simple and powerful.

When the mind runs off, which it will, when we become aware that it has run off, we gently bring it back to: In, Out, In, Out. Over and over again. And gradually this mindfulness helps us to calm the mind.

When the mind is calm we can feel a great sense of peace and relaxation it is treasure beyond value.

The benefits of meditation are scientifically documented to lower blood pressure, increase mental clarity, increase resistance to stress and on and on. Every time we practice Qigong using the PERFECT Qigong System, not only do we get the benefits of Qigong, but we also get the benefits of meditation as well.

How lucky are we Qigong practitioners?

In the next post I’ll be looking at the ‘T’ in PERFECT, it’s the vitally important final step. Because without it, you can easily negate all of the benefits that you’ve accrued so far with your Qigong.

Bye for now

Marcus James Santer