PERFECT: E = Energy Flow

Continuing our journey through the PERFECT Qigong System, today we’re going to look at the 2nd E in PERFECT which stands for: Energy Flow.

Energy Flow is for me, perhaps the most important part of Qigong. It certainly is what I’d call one of the 3 Core Skills of Qigong. It’s so important in fact that if you’re Qigong practice does not incorporate Energy Flow, then I would question whether what you are practicing is Qigong.

The key to Energy Flow, is to:

Let go and do nothing

Why do nothing? Well, remember, Qi/Chi has it’s own ‘intelligence’ if you like. Left alone, it will naturally flow to those area’s where there are blockages to harmonious energy flow through the energy streams (meridians – remember those?) of your body.

Left alone it will remove those blockages and restore harmonious energy flow and as a result you’ll restore good health.

And you do nothing. That’s why my teacher often jokingly refers to Qigong as being “for lazy people”.

You can’t do Energy Flow – you have to LET it be done.

Energy goes where attention goes. So lets say you have trouble with your knees. And lets say that despite being told to “Let go and do nothing” – you decide you’re smarter than your bodies own energy system and focus on your knees. What happens?

Well, energy goes where attention goes, to your knees. 3 months later your knees still ache, in fact, they feel worse! How can this be?

The root cause of your problems was not at the knees. The knees were just where the symptoms were showing up. Generally speaking, knee issues are linked to trouble with the functioning of the Kidneys.

All you have to do is ‘Let go’ and let the healing or energizing or whatever your aims and objectives are for your Qigong practice – be done for you.

Energy Flow

Can you begin to see just how absolutely incredible Qigong is? I know of no other art that can equal Qigong in this respect. You don’t need to know where the ‘problem’ is, you just have to let go and let your vital energy do the work.

Simple? Yes. Easy? That depends on you. I found it very difficult to let go and do nothing when I started Qigong. I just couldn’t believe that it was that simple. Fortunately I had a good teacher who inspired me by example and I finally got it.

After Energy Flow we need to restore Cosmic Balance, Yin/Yang harmony. You’ll understand what I mean when we look at the C in PERFECT.

Until then, bye for now

Marcus James Santer