PERFECT: T = Time to Complete

The T in the PERFECT Qigong System stands for ‘Time to Complete’ and is vital to your success with Chi Kung/Qigong and Qigong exercises.

Time to end
T in the PERFECT Qigong System stands for Time to Complete — how you end your Qigong practice is of vital importance

It’s been 13 minutes since you started your morning Qigong practice. In that time you’ve prepared, by finding a safe place to practice and you’ve entered a QSoM which you ‘turbo charged’ by really smiling from your heart. As a result you were ready to begin practicing your chosen form and after 10-15 repetitions you lowered your arms, let go, did nothing and enjoyed your energy flow in whatever way it manifested for you. Then you brought any movements to a slow, gradual stop, checked you were stood upright and balanced and established cosmic balance by entering standing Zen.

As a result you feel relaxed and energised all at the same time. You are in a cosmic state of existence the world around you seems sharper and brighter somehow, you feel very, very good.

But you must be careful. It is important that you make the transition now back to the phenomenal realm of existence. The world of work, obligations, dead lines, and the hurly burly of life in the 21st Century.

Trust me, if you go out in your heightened state into the hustle and the bustle it is easy to suffer a serious shock to your system that can easily undo all the good work you’ve done during your practice.

I’ll give you an example from my own experience that might help.

About 7 years ago I was living up in Nottingham and I treated myself to a massage. After 45 minutes I was so relaxed that when the massage ended I had to pour myself of the bench and float down the stairs. I felt lovely and warm and cosy and relaxed. I opened the big door of the building, and stepped outside, right into Nottingham rush hour traffic.

The jolt to my senses was similar to that sensation you get when your drifting off to sleep and you dream that you fall off a curb (or worse), but more so. My body went into a weird kind of shock and not only did it make me physically tense, but it messed my mind up as well.

So, I recommend you avoid this type of incident in your Qigong practice. And the best way is to complete your session properly.

After about 13 minutes of practice, as you finish your standing Zen, you bring your attention down to the dan tien (the energy point just below your belly button), and then you complete by having the facial massage, point massage (optional), banging the heavenly drum (make sure you drum the right number of times!) and then walk around briskly.

Walking around briskly is a vital part of ‘Time to complete’. For me it signals the end of my 15 minutes qigong practice and the start of the rest of my day.

Bye for now

Marcus James Santer