Can You Practice Qigong Whilst Watching TV?

Last week I find this question in my Qigong15 email box:

Hello Marcus,
Is it alright to practice qigong while watching TV?
Jay ← name changed.

At first I thought it must be a joke, but then I realised that just because the answer seemed obvious to me that didn’t make it a ‘joke’ question. I always tell my students that there are no silly questions, just silly people who don’t ask questions.

Here was my reply:


Hi Jay,

Thanks for your question. I really wouldn’t recommend it. Qigong is an exercise of form, energy and mind. With the most important aspect being ‘Mind’.

It’s hard enough getting the mind to settle with the eyes open, let alone whilst watching TV. Practicing Qigong, just once a day, using PERFECT will be plenty beneficial enough to protect you against the stresses and strains of life in the 21st Century.

Surely that’s worth 15 minutes of ‘quiet time’.

Great question and thanks for asking.

Kindest regards


I was discussing this question over lunch with my wife and her comment was that it showed that the asker viewed Qigong as being like gentle exercise. She was right. I know people who work out in the gym whilst listening to podcasts and spoken word books.

But Qigong is not just another form of exercise. That’s why I also recommend to my students not to practice Qigong whilst listening to music. It’s not that I have anything against music, it’s that if you’re listening to music you are not totally present with your Qigong practice.

To Get the Most From Your Qigong Practice You Have to Be Present

Remember, Qigong is a composite of Form, Energy and Mind with Mind being the most important of the three. Anything that dilutes the Minds attention from your practice whether it be music, TV, or any source of distraction will dilute the results of your practice.

There are certain components from the PERFECT Qigong system that you could practice whilst watching TV such as standing upright and balanced, Smiling from your Heart and point massage but that’s about it.

The question is this: Is living a longer, healthier and happier life worth 15 to 30 minutes of your day?

If your answer is “yes” then, ‘very good, carry on.’

If your answer is “no” then it’s time to find something that is.

**Stop Press**

Hey, I’ve just thought of a way that you can watch TV AND practice Qigong…

By watching videos from the Qigong Secrets Home Study Course.

Bye for now

Marcus James Santer

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