Can You Teach Yourself Qigong?

Absolutely. Qigong can be easy to teach yourself, and can lead to all sorts of benefits. You only need the will to do it and clear instructions to follow. After all, you do not need special equipment or clothing. And no athleticism, either. Qigong is easy to learn! Read on to learn how you can … Read more

Can Practicing Qigong Cause More Harm Than Good?

Practicing Qigong, like any discipline, requires a careful approach to ensure safety and effectiveness. As more individuals embrace this ancient Chinese practice for its profound benefits on mind, body, and spirit, questions regarding the safe practice of Qigong without formal guidance have arisen. An inquiring mind asks: Question: I bought your book ‘Shaolin Chi Kung’ … Read more

Why Wait?

Dear Qigong fan, I was walking Louis this morning through the beautiful Devon countryside. I always treasure this time being up early, listening to the sound of bird song and watching Louis rampage enthusiastically through the woods. Not only are Louis walks great for nourishing the soul, they’re also a great opportunity for prayer, meditation … Read more

Qi Belly or Blubber Belly?

A reader asks: Hi Marcus I observed that many of the people I see practicing Qigong in the park have big belly. Some people on the net say that the belly is big because it’s full of chi. But I wonder if it’s just omentum fat which is usually under the abdominal muscles… Okay, here’s … Read more

Can You Practice Qigong Whilst Watching TV?

Last week I find this question in my Qigong15 email box: Hello Marcus,Is it alright to practice qigong while watching TV?Thanks,Jay ← name changed. At first I thought it must be a joke, but then I realised that just because the answer seemed obvious to me that didn’t make it a ‘joke’ question. I always … Read more

Smoking Marijuana Does What to Your Qi?

I was listening to a Matt Furey lecture on email writing a few days ago whilst flying back to England. And he said something that really caught my attention: “Smoking Marijuana reverses the flow of your Qi in your meridians.” Now that’s the first time I’ve heard that, and love him or hate him, I’ve … Read more

10 Ways To Set Up Regular Chi Kung Practice

A big thanks to Joan for asking a question on how to overcome the trouble she was having setting up a regular chi kung/qigong practice session. I decided to write an article on it, and here it is: Many practitioners of chi kung/qigong exercises have difficulty setting up and maintaining a regular daily practice. Especially … Read more

Two Major Flaws Of Chi Kung

I truly believe that chi kung, practiced as chi kung and not chi kung form, is more powerful and gives better physical, emotional, mental and spiritual results than Yoga, Tai Chi and Reiki – combined! Of course that’s just my opinion based on my personal experience, so there’s no need for us to fall out … Read more

Why Qigong is better than Tai Chi

Let’s get one thing out in the open before we begin. I’m obviously biased. I’ve been practicing Qigong for well over a decade, I’ve been teaching it since 2004, I’m an author of a book on Qigong, I was the chief instructor in the UK of a world wide institute that teaches Qigong, I’m the … Read more

Why Practice Qigong?

There are five primary reasons why individuals choose to practice qigong. Health and Vitality: Qigong is literally the art of managing your vital energy. Vital energy, or chi/qi, is what keeps you and me alive. Qigong means energy work, and it works directly on your energy. Qigong is based firmly on the concepts of traditional … Read more

Which Is the Correct Spelling of Qigong?

Ever been curious about why some practitioners use the word Qigong, while others use Chi Kung? Or maybe you’ve stumbled upon variations like Qui Gong, Chi Gung, or Chi Kong and wondered if these all refer to the same discipline? This informative blog post is dedicated to providing clarity around these terms. Even if you … Read more

How Qigong Works

Qigong is the art of deliberately managing your bodies vital energy or Qi. It is vital energy that keeps the millions of systems in your body working correctly. When this vital energy is not able to flow harmoniously through the energy streams of your body (called meridians) as a result of blockages – illness develops. … Read more

What is Qigong?

Even though Qigong has a history of 1000’s of years, it’s still relatively unheard of here in the West, let me give you an example of this: I recently asked a room with over 100 people in (from various backgrounds) to raise their hands if they’d heard of yoga.  Everyone present raised their hand. Next … Read more

The 3 Core Skills Of Qigong

Give me 3 minutes and I’ll explain why 98% of Qigong practitioners are wasting their time… Remember, Qigong is the art of deliberately managing your vital energy or Chi/Qi. Vital energy is the ‘juice’ that keeps you alive and allows you to do everything you do. Qigong is similar to Yoga, but less strenuous It’s … Read more

Qigong Vs Qigong Form

The sad truth is that most people practicing Qigong today are not actually practicing Qigong. To be specific they are practicing what I call Qigong form only. Why is this a problem? Well let’s take a closer look. It is well known that the practice of Qigong gives the following 5 main benefits: Health and … Read more

Qigong and Weight Loss

Dear Friend, Back in 2007 there was discussion, in the school I was with, about using a Qigong exercise known as ‘Drawing The Moon’ as the basis for a Qigong weight loss program. The idea was that by the time you could perform ten, 30 second rotations in each direction, you’d have to change your … Read more

3 Tips For A Brilliant Nights Sleep

It’s a question I get on a regular basis: How can I use Qigong to help me get to sleep at night? It seems that many of us have difficulty with sleep, whether it’s being able to get to sleep in the first place, or the quality of our sleep. Either way, the result is … Read more

The Golden Key

My very good friend and spiritual teacher Paul Gorman has made available a recording of a call he gave a few weeks back. The content of the call looks at how to solve any problem spiritually. Whilst this is not a qigong exercises post, I do believe it to be of great spiritual value and … Read more