Green Dragon Presenting Claws

Continuing our look at the qigong exercises that make up the famous Shaolin 18 Lohan Hands qigong/chi kung set: Number 15, Green Dragon Presenting Claws

Green Dragon Presenting Claws is also known as Presenting Claws, 青 龍 現 爪 or QING LONG XIAN ZHUA. Of the 18 qigong exercises I unofficially consider this to be the hardest for students to learn of the 18 exercises that make up the 18 Lohan Hands.

Why? Because there’s quite a lot going on at the same time!

Of the 18 qigong exercises, when this exercise is practiced as qigong it is known to give the following benefits:

  • This exercise is of great benefit to the kidneys and pancreas.
  • It is also good for the limbs of the upper and lower body.
  • Those who suffer from arthritis, rheumatism, diabetes or have trouble with their digestive system will find this pattern useful.
  • If you often feel worried and anxious can use this exercise to overcome the problem as it enhances the nervous system.
  • This pattern is also used by Shaolin Kung Fu students to develop “Dragon Claw Force” which is invaluable in applying Qin-na techniques. (Qin-na is the Art of holds, locks and specifically gripping in a very special way that incapacitates an opponent without permanently harming them.)

I love the big movements involved in this qigong exercise and once you get the co-ordination right this exercise is a real joy. If you’re wondering why so many of the qigong exercises that make up this qigong set have martial arts benefits, remember that these 18 exercises became the 18 Lohan Fist, the proto-type of Shaolin Kung Fu.

That’s 15 of the qigong exercises covered. The next one we look at is Big Windmill Hand. The simplicity of this exercise really allows you to go ‘deep’

Bye for now

Marcus James Santer