Green Dragon Separating Water

Of the 18 qigong exercises in the Lohan Hands qigong set, this one holds a special place of importance for me. This exercise: Green Dragon Separating Water, 青 龍 分 水, or QING LONG FEN SHUI played a significant role in my conquering of depression many years ago.

If you remember there are 18 qigong exercises in this set and this is exercise number 14. Like nearly all of the qigong exercises it looks deceptively simple.

It may seem remarkable that this qigong exercise is so powerful against depression, but remember as with all of the qigong exercises in this set, you only get the benefits when they are practiced as qigong. And what’s the best way to learn qigong exercises? That’s right directly from a qigong instructor.

Sorry to keep sounding like a broken record, but there are some folks out there who’ve got the wrong end of the stick about what I’m trying to do here. So I want to make it crystal clear that I recommend learning qigong exercises from a real live person any day of the week.

Qigong exercises like Green Dragon Separating Water are a perfect case in point. This is a powerful exercise and it is vital that the shoulders, upper body and legs are kept as relaxed as possible. It is too easy for muscluar tension to creep in and that can completely negate the effects of the exercise. A much safer exercise to use if you are practicng qigong/chi kung, specifically for overcoming depression is Butterfly Dancing in Front of Flowers, which is covered in the first 2 weeks of my qigong secrets home study course.

Practiced as Qigong his exercise is known to give the following benefits:

It opens the chest and improves heart and lung problems. As a result it is very beneficial for anyone affected with depression.

This exercise also brings benefit to those with a poor posture and those who are nervous, fearful or lacking confidence. If you are already healthy and want to develop a lot of energy to play games or pursue martial arts this is a good exercise to choose.

And ladies if you want to improve the shape/firmness or your chest this is a brilliant exercise for you.

14 qigong exercises down, 4 to go. The next one we’ll look at is: Green Dragon Presenting Claws, I love this one.

Bye for now

Marcus James Santer