Best Qigong Exercises For Relief From Haemorrhoids

Okay, let’s get super clear on one thing before we go any further in this post. I am not a doctor, okay? I don’t know what haemorrhoids are (I find it hard enough just spelling it) and I don’t know how to cure them. But that’s okay because practicing the right chi kung/qigong exercises I can let my bodies own vital energy do the healing. I mean I don’t know how to digest my food, keep breathing when I fall asleep, grow my hair or my nails etc, etc, but my body does all of these functions and so much more quite happily without my interference. Remember good health is our birth right. It is natural to be healthy. What we call disease or bad health is, from the TCM perspective caused by Yin/Yang disharmony, which arises from blockages to smooth, harmonious qi flow through the meridians (or energy channels) of the body.

Using qigong exercises we aim to restore harmonious qi flow and when we do good health is the result, regardless of what we called the symptoms that troubled us. Any of the qigong exercises practiced as qigong will overcome haemorrhoids. Because all of the qigong exercises from the 18 Lohan Hands can be used to generate energy flow which will result in harmonious energy flow as mentioned earlier. But which qigong exercises are most cost effective? I mean if you wanted to travel from Devon to Scotland, you could cycle and you would get there eventually, but you might prefer to fly and spend more of your time enjoying all of the pleasures that Scotland has to offer.

Of the 18 qigong exercises we’ve looked at in previous posts, the most cost effective, the exercise par excellence is Lifting the Sky. But if you are practicing Lifting the Sky specifically to overcome haemorrhoids, then there is a small, yet vital addition you need to make to the exercise. Let me share a testimonial I received from a very happy student:

In August I realised my worst nightmare had come true it was the day my father had been warning me about since I was a fairly young. I realised I had haemorrhoids

I started loosing a lot of blood within a week of having haemorrhoids and I started becoming weaker and weaker. Sitting in one position for more than a minute became very painful and doing daily things such as driving a car became so difficult. I couldn’t believe what was going on I was only 22 years old how can this happen to me?

I was angry, upset, scared and I cried in bed I started thinking what was the point in living nothing made sense anymore. I felt like I was going crazy. You see my father has been suffering from severe haemorrhoids for about 15 years and has subsequently been hospitalised a couple of times, his father suffered from it most of his life too. My dad use to tell me son: “there is a strong chance you can have this same problem some day in the future if you don’t look after yourself”.

My parents sent me to see an Indian Yogi saint who was visiting from India he taught me some exercises which did help a little in the beginning but then after a few weeks my problems with haemorrhoids became even worse. The pain became unbearable I then discovered that I had a kidney problem which made my knees hurt and also gave me strong pains in the lower back region. I spoke to Sifu Marcus Santer and he advised me to practice LIFTING THE SKY and to add a gentle visualisation of pushing the haemorrhoids back into their correct positions he also told me to remember to be gentle as I was using my mind.

I decided to take Sifu’s advice and started doing lifting the sky everyday twice a day once in the morning and once at night it was weird I felt relief after my first session and within 24 hours the bleeding from the haemorrhoids completely stopped. Over the next few days the pain slowly but surely decreased and the pain in my knees disappeared within four sessions which was two days.

I had made tremendous progress it was almost unreal yet so real. By October I had made a full recovery. Sifu says when we believe we can get better we will get better as good health is our birthright! I will do lifting the sky all my life it is an amazing exercise that can create miracles. Who knows what position I would be in right now if I didn’t do lifting the sky perhaps taking western medicine or surgery that would have probably only helped with the symptoms not the root of the problem.

Yours faithfully

John (name changed)

Now please realise that if you want to practice Lifting the Sky to overcome haemorrhoids, then you are best to learn it directly from an instructor for best results. If you can’t learn from an instructor for whatever reason then I cover Lifting the Sky in great detail in my Qigong Secrets Home Study Course in week 4 along with instructions on how to use this pattern specifically to gain relief from haemorrhoids.

Bye for now,

Marcus Santer