Best Qigong Exercises For Longevity

As you will recall, energy or qi travels through the meridians or energy streams of your body.

There are 12 primary meridians and 8 secondary. The primary meridians are called primary because they flow through internal organs, the secondary meridians do not.

The 2 most important meridians in the body are secondary meridians, the Ren and the Du. The ren runs from just below your bottom lip to your anus and the du runs from the perineum up your back, over the top of your head and ends just under your nose. An abundant, constant flow of energy through these 2 meridians is known as the ‘small universal qi flow’ and it is said that the break through of the small universe results in great health and resistance to illness.

An exponent of the small universe is a living example of radiant health: physically fit, emotionally stable, mentally alert, and spiritually peaceful.

The Meridians

Now, the primary meridians are likened to streams, and the secondary meridians are likened to lakes or reservoirs. They are like energy grids and help to protect the body.

The ‘filling’ of these reservoirs contribute greatly to longevity. Remember our little poem?

  • Smooth qi flow gives good health
  • Vigorous qi flow gives vitality
  • Abundant qi flow gives longevity.

So, of the 18 qigong exercises of the Lohan Hands which would we consider as prime candidates for promoting longevity?

Let’s have a look.

Plucking Stars Change Galaxies — this qigong exercise helps to open up the side meridians and they can then be used as reservoirs to store energy.

Second Son Carrying Mountains — hey, hey! This qigong exercise stimulates 4 of the 8 secondary/wonderous meridians.

Divine Crane Starts Dancing — this qigong exercise channels energy to the legs and open up the side meridians.

Lift Heels Bend Knees — this is one you might not have considered. But for those who are ready, this qigong exercise promotes the small universal qi flow.

Please feel free to leave any questions or comments. Bye for now

Marcus James Santer