How Qigong Works

Qigong is the art of deliberately managing your bodies vital energy or Qi. It is vital energy that keeps the millions of systems in your body working correctly.

When this vital energy is not able to flow harmoniously through the energy streams of your body (called meridians) as a result of blockages – illness develops. The severity of the illness is linked to the severity of the blockage/s. If a blockage is severe enough to stop the flow of vital energy completely. Death quickly follows.

The practice of Qigong first removes these blockages. Once a Qigong practitioner has harmonious energy flow they will have good health. Then Qigong practice increases the strength of the flow of energy which results in the practitioner being healthy and full of vitality. The next step in Qigong is to develop an abundance of energy flow. When this happens a Qigong practitioner is healthy, full of vitality and improves longevity.

A description of qigong

In short the practice of Qigong can lead to a happier, healthier and longer life. How long this process takes is dependent on correct, daily practice. Qigong is not some 30 day miracle cure. It is an Art of a skill that is developed through discipline and commitment.

If you’ve never heard of Qigong before think of it as the Chinese version of Yoga. Qigong is generally a composite of gentle external movements, co-ordinated with the breathing, practiced in a meditative state of mind. I say generally because with a history of 5000+ years there are many different varieties of Qigong.

Qigong requires virtually zero athleticism and is quicker to learn than Tai Chi and less strenuous than Yoga. It requires no expensive equipment and can be practiced nearly every where. It is the worlds best kept stay young, health and energy secret.

Ideally you’ll learn Qigong directly from a suitably qualified teacher, but if that’s not possible then the Qigong Secrets 22 Week Online Home Study Course is the next best thing to learning from me directly.

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