Continuing our exploration of the PERFECT Qigong System — this time we look at F which stands for Form.

Now for many people this is what they think of when they think of Qigong. It’s the visible part. You could look at someone and say they are practicing Lifting the Sky qigong form, or Butterfly Dancing qigong form.

But as you know by now. There is far more to Qigong than qigong form. I’ll save you from having to listen to me go on about qigong form again, I’ve already written plenty on this subject, Qigong Vs Qigong Form is a good example.

At a beginner to intermediate level qigong forms or qigong exercises give specific benefits and it is these benefits that help you decide which form you might choose to practice.

Qigong Exercises are many and varied
Qigong forms come in many different shapes and sizes, and are only a small part of practicing Qigong

How does a particular qigong form give known benefits? Because it is known to work one or more meridians (energy streams of the body).

For example the qigong form Butterfly Dancing in Front of Flowers is known to benefit the heart meridian and as a result this qigong form is very helpful for overcoming depression.

Please read best qigong exercises for →fill in the blank← for an overview of which qigong exercises are most cost effective for overcoming a particular illness or for attaining a particular benefit of qigong.

At a high level of qigong skill, it doesn’t really matter which qigong form you practice. For example a new student may practice Lifting the Sky to generate energy flow for overcoming an illness. Where as a Qigong master could practice the same qigong exercise for Spiritual cultivation.

Remember, in Qigong, it’s skills that are important, not how many qigong forms you know.

When you combine Preparation, Entering a QSoM, Really smiling from the heart and Form you are setting the stage for something truly marvelous.

Bye for now

Marcus James Santer