Emperor Walks Heart Opens

The aim of this series of posts is to present you with short, simple techniques you can use to open the heart and calm the mind. Just two of several skills used in qigong healing to help you live a happier, healthier and longer. Most of the qigong exercises and techniques used in qigong healing have to be taught to you by a suitably qualified instructor, in order for you to get them to work for you. But there are some that you can use safely, yourself to gain some of the benefits of qigong/chi kung.

And I guess that’s what I’ve always loved about qigong healing, that it puts you in the driving seat. It makes you responsible for your happiness, health and longevity. It gives you the tools and gives you the power back. I love that.

Watch the video above as it has all the instructions in that you need. This qigong exercise is great for opening the heart. So many ‘physical’ blockages in the meridians are caused by poor posture. Slumped over a desk in an office for 8 hours a day, slobbing in front of the TV, driving everywhere (petrol feet as my wife calls it) instead of walking etc will effect your physical posture and as a result cause blockages. It’s not unusual to see many people as you walk down a city street looking like they’re carrying a a great weight on their backs.

When the chest area is collapsed, bunched up etc, energy can get locked and the heart is closed.

In fact get an image of a ‘depressed’ person in your mind. What do they look like? Are they stood tall and straight or slumped? Yeah, that’s right. As I learned years ago, our physiology effects how we feel.

So use Emperor Walks Heart Opens to stand up straight to open the heart, and let your physiology effect how you feel – positively! And forget about what people might be thinking as you walk around chest open, hands interlocked behind your back – trust me, most people don’t think – they’re too wrapped up in their own affairs.

Try this for 3 weeks every where you go and every time you remember and discover for yourself the benefits of this simple qigong healing technique. Be sure to share your comments below =)

I’ll share another simple technique in the next post.

Bye for now

Marcus James Santer