Qigong Healing

Qigong healing is the art of restoring harmonious energy flow. Qigong healing is based firmly in the philosophy of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). From a TCM viewpoint everything is energy or qi/chi. Everything. From a planet to a city, from a tiger to a mouse, you, me everything is qi.

Quantum Physics the cutting edge of Western science agrees that everything is energy, the only difference is the frequency with which it oscillates.

Qigong healing seeks to restore the smooth flow of qi through the meridians of the body. Think of the meridians as energy streams. If your energy flows smoothly you will have health, if it flows strongly you will have vitality and if you have an abundance of energy you will have longevity.

From the qigong healing point of view there is only 1 illness and that illness is Yin/Yang disharmony. Yin and Yang are not ‘things’ they are symbols and something is only Yin or Yang when in relationship to something else. In qigong healing we use Yin to represent the bodies natural ability to adjust to its constantly changing environment and the demands made upon, Yang represents everything that may cause illness.

We are exposed to disease causing agents every day. We overcome serious illness regularly without even being aware of it, there are millions of germs in our body and many of them are deadly but we don’t get sick. Why?

Because we have Yin/Yang harmony our bodies adjust and overcome these agents before they can cause illness or disease.  The major cause of Yin/Yang disharmony is disturbed energy flow through the meridians of the body.

Qigong healing restores harmonious energy flow by removing the blockages from the meridians. Qigong healing can be administered by a qigong healer, often by using their own energy to remove blockages within your meridians. But perhaps the best way is by practicing qigong exercises yourself. Preferably after having them taught to you by a qigong master, suitably qualified instructor or qigong healer.

Later we will look in more depth at some of the fascinating concepts in qigong healing.

Qigong is a type of traditional health care based on the energy in your body. It’s also sometimes called chi gung, qi gong, or chi kung. The word “qi” means life force and “gong” means work or practice. Qigong can help you feel better by balancing your energy. The goal with qigong healing is to bring balance and harmony back into the body so that it can heal itself.