The Two Words Every Qigong Player Must Know

Got something short and sweet for you today.

I consider the two words I’m about to share with you, the most important words in Qigong.

If you’ve been part of the Qigong15 tribe for a while you’ll be very familiar with them.

And if not, all is about to be revealed.

Here they are:

  1. Relaxed
  2. Gentle

Impressive huh?

What, you don’t agree?

Okay, let me explain.

  • Your movements are relaxed and gentle.
  • Your breathing is relaxed and gentle.
  • Your mind is relaxed and any thoughts are gentle.


There’s a simple little exercise I’d love to share with you, one that would really make this concept come alive for you in a way you’ll never forget.

But I’m sorry to say I’m in London right now and I simply don’t have the time to spare.

However, if you’ve already got a copy of my book: Shaolin Chi Kung – 18 Exercises to Help You Live a Longer, Healthier and Happier Life. You’ll find the exercise in Section 5: Practical Advice on page 130.

In the same section you’ll also discover:

  • Trouble shooting tips for some of the most common problems Qigong Players experience with their practice.
  • How to live for 120 years.
  • How to deal with disturbances during your practice.
  • How to really speed up your healing process.
  • The Top 10 Qigong Do’s and Don’ts

And there’s even a little bit about Qigong and sex.

Heck, the other 140 pages are packed full of Qigong goodness too.

Full details and immediate download available here:

Have a great day.


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