Alert! We will be looking at the concept of back pain from the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) perspective.

With that in mind, we can correctly say that back pain is a sign of blocked energy. Whether it has been caused by injury (like falling out of a tree!) or through any one of a 100 ways.

To really help to promote harmonious qi flow, if I was working directly with a client experiencing back pain I would recommend self manifested qi flow. This is where a client practices 3 chi kung/qigong exercises in the same session. Unlike when qigong exercises are practiced singularly, here the 3 qigong exercises are practiced faster, often much faster than normal.

Therefore they are not co-ordinated with the breathing, we are specifically using the ‘form’ to generate energy flow. Whilst this can be considered low level qigong, it will be most cost effective for helping someone to recover from and relieve back pain.

Back pain is often a result of poor posture, especially if your work is static (i.e. you sit at a desk all day), for this situation of all the qigong exercises I would recommend the exercise I covered in the Qigong Healing section called: Qigong Healing and Posture. I know a few of you have been using this exercise quite successfully to relieve back pain.

What other qigong exercises would I consider? Well after my little mishap yesterday I shall be focusing my practice on the exercise: Looking Back To Carry The Moon – not only is this exercise very beneficial for the spine, but it also generates a very powerful qi flow, which will help with the cleansing of blockages due to my fall.

Of the qigong exercises I’d consider, Second Son Carrying Mountains is a very close second. It’s just a wonderfully enjoyable exercise to practice and it is well known for overcoming chronic back pain.

There’s just 3 qigong exercises for you to choose from. Remember to always ‘play your edge‘. Qigong does not subscribe to the ‘no pain no gain’ philosophy. So when you are doing one of the mentioned qigong exercises as soon as your back starts to feel uncomfortable, that’s as far as you go. You do not push on through the pain. No, No, NO!

Let’s say I’m practicing Carry the moon. As I lean forward, I am only able to lean forward very slightly before my back pain kicks in, then that’s as far as I go. But every time I do my qigong, I’m trying to lean forward just a l-i-t-t-l-e bit more than last time – this is what I mean by ‘playing your edge‘.

Also keep in mind that it might take a while to overcome back pain, especially if you are learning the qigong exercises from Shaolin Chi Kung or from my Qigong Secrets Home Study Course. And, if your back pain has been caused by poor posture, your body didn’t get into that condition over night, so you won’t get out of that condition overnight!

As always, please feel free to leave questions and comments in the box below.

Bye for now

Just a qigong instructor

Marcus James Santer