Here are a 5 Qigong Exercises you can do in the workplace -without attracting too much unwanted attention.

Recently whilst asking people what they’d like to see me working on, a number of people asked for ‘something’ that would help them at work.

So I sat down and cast my mind back over various qigong exercises that would be useful in the work place. Then filtered that list through what wouldn’t attract too much unwanted attention. Just remember, not everyone is as ‘enlightened’ as you when it comes to the brilliance that is qigong.

Here are 5 qigong exercises you can practice at work that will be of benefit to you.

Bare in mind though that they are shown here as qigong form. If you know how to practice them as Qigong, even better, but I’ve deliberately chosen those qigong exercises that even practiced at the level of form only give some worthwhile benefits – and don’t make you look too mad, with the exception of qigong exercise number 5 =)

1) Smile from the heart – Ask my students about smiling from the heart and they’ll tell you how it can rapidly transform your outlook and your experience. Smiling from the heart is as simple as it sounds. But remember, the heart here, is more than just the western heart – a muscle with 4 chambers that pumps oxygenated and de-oxygenated blood around the body.

Oh no, it is the Chinese heart, which is called the Emperor because it is the ruler of all the other organs in the body. It also houses the Shen/Mind/Spirit. And all recovery begins from the heart.

Here’s a beautiful video I found on Youtube by an old Wahnam colleague of mine Sifu Pragata Blaise it’s brilliant:

Practice ‘smiling from the heart‘ as often as you like. It will bring benefit to you and all those you come into contact with. Simple, powerful and safe.

2) Emperor Walks Heart Opens – I used to work in a call centre. And I wish I’d known this exercise. Because even though I couldn’t have walked far with my headset on, I could at least stand up and move around a little. This would have been perfect to open my heart, benefit my posture and help me feel more empowered.

All benefits that are very useful when working in customer service.
Here’s how to utilise this simple qigong healing technique in the workplace.

3) Lohan draws broadsword – this qigong exercise is brilliant for unlocking the shoulders. Which is very beneficial to those of you who sit at a desk for long periods of time.

When I’m at home working on this website, I can rack up quite a few hours in front of the computer and I’ll utilise this to bring relief and benefit to the shoulders. Especially as my desk is poorly ergonomically designed, which means a lot of my weight ends up going through my elbows and throws the shoulders out of ‘good’ alignment. But you’re worth it.

Note: this video was originally filmed on the 1st December 2008.

Here’s how to do it:

4) Divine Crane Rotates Knees – If you are standing for long periods this pattern is without equal. I used to work for a major supermarket chain and spent long periods standing up. Divine crane really helps bring relief to the legs. In fact this qigong exercise is brilliant if you have any trouble with the knees.

Here’s how to do it.
Note: This video was originally a private video made for one of my qigong students.

Qigong Exercises Butterfly Dancing5) Butterfly Dancing In Front of Flowers – For the really brave, or those fortunate to have an office to themselves I’d recommend Butterfly dancing. It’s great for opening up the upper body, especially beneficial if you’ve spent a lot of time sat at a desk. It also helps to relieve stress and tension and helps to give the spinal cord a gentle massage which will bring relief from an aching back and help you to feel vitalized – without resorting to caffeine and the inevitable post caffeine slump.

Here’s how to do it. Please follow this link to the Butterfly Dancing page I built on my old, old website shaolinchikung. Note this website is no longer maintained so be careful clicking on the links as they may be broken or lead to material that is no longer current – like the scholar warrior newsletter.

Bye for now
Just a qigong instructor
Marcus James Santer