Can You Teach Yourself Qigong?

Absolutely. Qigong can be easy to teach yourself, and can lead to all sorts of benefits. You only need the will to do it and clear instructions to follow. After all, you do not need special equipment or clothing. And no athleticism, either. Qigong is easy to learn!

Read on to learn how you can start qigong practice today.

Qigong Can Be Easy to Teach Yourself

The good thing about qigong is that it can be very easy to teach yourself. Many people are not aware of this because they think you need access to a living master. While that is nice, it’s not necessary.

The easiest way to start is by using an instructional qigong video. A good video will walk you through the basics of learning Qigong. And if you watch an online video, you can get started on your path today.

Of course, there are also many books available that can assist in teaching yourself Qigong. However, following the forms will be harder as you will need to use your imagination to “fill in the gaps” between movements. Still. Books are wonderful for the theory and history.

If there is no way for you to access a qigong video, books can be of great assistance! Books can include guided meditation and visualisation exercises that help develop your mind/body connection which makes learning the forms easier over time.

You Can Start Qigong Practice Today

There are a lot of beginner videos on youtube that can get you started. You can also take the official Qigong15 online course which teaches you a systematic way of practicing Qigong safely.

It is really easy to learn once you have a good instructor who knows how to convey the important steps through video. Not only can you learn Qigong from home, you will ENJOY the experience immensely (a sign of correct practice!)

No Need for Special Equipment or Clothing

You can do qigong in your home, office, or any other place that is convenient for you. There is nothing you need to bring. You only need enough space to safely practice the movements.

I also recommend the space be a positive, uplifting environment. The happier and more relaxed you feel, the better your practice will be.

Enjoy the Health Benefits That Can Come From Regular Qigong Practice

Qigong can lead to all sorts of benefits, including reduced stress and improved immunity.

You can also develop better posture, reduced anxiety and depression, improved sleep quality, heightened libido, and more stable emotions with more vitality.

Best of all, many of these benefits can be achieved with just fifteen minutes a day. Furthermore, once you feel the good effects from your practice you will want to do it even more! However, I only recommend two fifteen minute sessions when practicing the Chi Kung we do at Qigong15.

Start Practicing Today!

If you would like to teach yourself Qigong starting today, and prove to yourself how easy it really is, I invite you check out the Qigong Home Study Course! It is an affordable way to learn a high-level Qigong which cost the instructor many thousands to learn.

Click here to see for yourself!

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