Big Turn of the Cosmos (Merry Go Round)

Big Turn of the Cosmos, 大 轉 乾 坤, DA ZHUAN QIAN KUN or A.K.A – Merry go round. Of the 18 qigong exercises in this set, this is one of the trickiest. This is another of the qigong exercises that makes use of the horse riding stance commonly found in Kung Fu.

Here are a few benefits that this exercise is known to bring and why you might chose to practice it over one of the other 18 qigong exercises:

This pattern is good for problems involving the stomach, pancreas, spleen, kidneys, back and back pain. Those who are worried or anxious will also gain benefit from this pattern. It is good for the ears and overcomes tinnitus.

Like so many of the qigong exercises, this pattern is great for a revitalising pick you up. If you have a long drive or an important meeting and you start to feel tired, pull over the car or clear some space in your office and practise Big Turning of the Cosmos. You’ll soon be feeling alert, focused and relaxed. And you can forget those super strength caffeine drinks and the horrible ‘crashing’ feeling you get when they wear off.

This pattern is great for massaging your internal organs, but please remember it is the qi that does the massaging and it only works if, like all of the other qigong exercises, it is performed as qigong and not qigong form. This pattern is also very good for those with rheumatism, diabetes or indigestion.

Please do not attempt to learn this or any of the other qigong exercises from the super short videos I have put together. You’ll be wasting your time. The best bet is to find a suitably qualified qigong instructor or failing that check out my home study course.

So many qigong exercises, so little time! Next post we’ll look at Punching With Wide Eyes – you’re gonna love it.

Bye for now

Marcus James Santer