Big Windmill Hand

Continuing our look at the 18 qigong exercises that comprise the Shaolin 18 Lohan hands qigong set, today we look at Big Windmill Hand, AKA: Windmill Hand, 大 風 車 手 or DA FENG CHE SHOU.

This is another one of those qigong exercises that looks deceivingly simple. I mean how could rotating your arm around the shoulder joint possibly do you any good? I’m sure you know the answer by now.

Qigong exercises only bring the benefits listed when practiced as qigong / chi kung and not when practiced as qigong form.

This exercise is known to give the following benefits:

This exercise favours the pancreas, liver, spleen and side meridians. Those with diabetes will find this exercise of benefit. It may be surprising to learn that this exercise is also very useful for developing strong arms or “bridges” for martial arts and enough internal force to break bricks, without any other conditioning.

If you are surprised that many of the qigong exercises from the Shaolin 18 Lohan Hands are so useful to martial artists it may interest you to know that the Lohan Hands (hands here referring to techniques or patterns) later evolved into the 18 Lohan Fist, a Kung Fu set that was the prototype of Shaolin Kung Fu.

Remember that internal force is not just desirable for martial artists. Even if you have no interest in martial arts, you will still benefit from developing internal force. An abundance of internal force will allow you to work harder (whilst producing better results), play longer and enjoy your life more.

Well, this leaves us with just 2 more qigong exercises to look at. Remember qigong exercises are best learned from a qigong instructor and if you want to learn more about the differences that makes the difference between qigong and qigong form be sure to get hold of a copy of my qigong dvd.

Bye for now

Marcus James Santer