Qigong Distant Energy Healing

Once while sitting down to lunch with Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit, the topic of conversation turned to Qigong distant energy healing. Sifu told a story of the time he had agreed to send Qi to a student 1000’s of miles away. Due to a miscalculation of time zones caused by daylight savings adjustments. Sifu realised that the agreed time for the Qi transmission had just passed by a few minutes and he was sat in an Indian restaurant.

Not one to let an inconvenience get in the way he proceeded with the transmission. Shortly afterwards Sifu called to check on the student. The student commented on how a few minutes after the scheduled time of the transmission they had started to feel Qi flow and how wonderful an experience it had been. As the conversation came to an end they also added: “But Sifu I noticed a very strong smell of curry at the same time of the transmission, is that normal?” =)

In order to have a clearer understanding of how Qigong distant energy transmission is possible and how it works there are 4 important concepts we must understand about Qi.

1) Qi is energy – there are different types of Qi – Gu Qi (energy derived from food and drink), Zong Qi (energy produced from food and air by the lungs), Yuan Qi (energy inherited from our parents), Ying Qi (the nourishing form of Yuan Qi), Wei Qi (the defensive function of Qi). There is also Qi relating to all forms of physical, mental and spiritual energy.

2) Qi has material reality – As the diagram below demonstrates, the world we experience through our human senses is a tiny fraction of the world that is currently known. So it shouldn’t be too hard to accept that even though Qi is invisible to the naked eye it is ‘real’.

3) Qi is the basic ‘building block’ of the universe – Qigong masters and Chinese philosophers have always stated that Qi is the basic material of the universe.

4) Qi fills the whole universe – if Qi is the basic building block of the universe then it follows that Qi fills the whole universe.

The difficulty for most people is that they only believe what they can see with their eyes. As I hope the diagram below makes clear, that is faulty thinking. Seeing is not believing as the human senses are only able to detect a very small amount of ‘energy’ that is detectable by machines.

Qigong Distant Energy Healing

If we had a giant microscope that allowed us to see at the level of energy and we looked at our hand through it, we would not be able to detect where our hand ended and ‘space’ began. The material all around us is not as solid as it may appear through the human senses. At the energetic level everything is made of atoms, these atoms are made of neutrons, protons and electrons. The relation between these components is more like a gas than a solid as the distance between these components is relatively vast.

Why is this important to our understanding of distant Qi transmission? When we realise that there is no energetic boundary between individuals, because Qi acts as a connecting medium we can understand how a Qigong master can use Qi to transmit his ‘Qi signal’ to another person – regardless of distance involved.

But how to do this? There are two higher skills that are needed to achieve this:

  1. Merging the mind with the universe: A Qigong master merges the Qi within their body with the Qi in the universe. Think of it like this. Suppose there was a very long solid rod connecting the Qigong master and the student. When the rod was pushed by the master, the student would be pushed by the rod – instantly. It’s not a brilliant metaphor, but when the Qi within is merged with the Qi in the universe this connection is made.
  2. Converting Qi to Shen: If a student is stood in front of a Qigong healer then the healer can transmit their own Qi to the student. But if great distances are involved this is not possible. So how does a Qigong healer/master overcome this? By converting Qi into shen or mind-power. This mind power is what is transmitted and the student receives it as Qi. Like an e-mail is converted into 0’s and 1’s – transmitted – then received at the other end as an e-mail.

As always, let me end with the usual caveat: Skills like Qigong distant energy healing are best learned directly from a suitably qualified Qigong teacher.

Marcus James Santer