Fierce Tiger Pushing Mountains

Continuing our quick overview of the 18 qigong exercises that make up the famous Shaolin 18 Lohan Hands qigong set. Today we look at Fierce Tiger Pushing Mountains, also known as: Pushing Mountains, 猛 虎 推 山 and MENG HU TUI SHAN.

This is one of those qigong exercises that really stands out. It is known to offer following benefits when practiced as qigong/chi kung:

  • This pattern is a favourite with Shaolin Kung Fu students as it helps to develop internal force and strong arms. The rest of us benefit from developing internal force as well, as internal force helps you to keep going all day long without feeling tired or fatigued.
  • It also brings benefits to those with backache, arthritis, rheumatism and kidney problems. It can do this because it stimulates the flow of energy through the network of meridians in the back to and from the arms.
  • It is also good for the legs, nourishes the brain and enhances marrow.

Like a number of the qigong exercises in the set, Pushing Mountains can form the foundation for a number of the more ‘advanced’ qigong techniques.

Different qigong exercises stimulate different meridians and usually result in a different type of qi flow and I have always found the qi flow from this exercise to be very powerful. Here’s how one student described it:

“…when I lower my hands, the chi rushes to them and fills them up momentarily, then as I let go I feel it drift up my arms and back into my body to start the flow. Superb.”

After practicing this exercise it is easy to understand why out of the 18 qigong exercises in this set it is the favourite of many students. And remember, like all qigong exercises it is best learned directly from a good qigong instructor.

Okay, we’ve looked at 13 of the qigong exercises in this set, the next exercise is Green Dragon Separating Water – this one’s amazing =)

Bye for now

Marcus James Santer