Best Qigong Exercises For Overcoming Depression

Wow, not really sure where to start on this post. I have enough material on chi kung/qigong exercises and their effectiveness on depression, anxiety, worry and stress that I could easily fill a book. In fact that’s what I’m hoping to do when I find a spare slot in my schedule.

You see I have personal experience of the effectiveness of qigong exercises for overcoming depression. I used several patterns to overcome my own brush with depression several years ago. And most importantly despite the gut wrenching never ending supply of experiences that being the parent of a special child brings I have remained depression free.

Best Qigong Exercises for overcoming depression is butterfly dancing

As far as I’m concerned Butterfly Dancing in Front of Flowers is the best of the qigong exercises that are known to be most ‘cost effective’ at overcoming depression. I just wish I’d have known it when I was battling depression. You see what makes it so marvelous is that it is so powerful and yet so safe at the same time. It is wonderful for opening the heart and as we’ve looked at in previous posts like ‘recovery begins with the heart‘ and those in the ‘qigong healing‘ section of this site – opening the heart is vital to health, especially for overcoming a disease like depression.

Depression is literally your Spirit being pressed down, and any of the qigong exercises that are known to benefit the heart meridian will help us to overcome depression.

The second of the qigong exercises I’d recommend is ‘Green Dragon Separating Water‘ this is an incredibly powerful exercise for overcoming depression. But only when practiced as qigong and not qigong form. In fact if you want to use this pattern specifically for overcoming depression I’d recommend that you must learn it directly from a competent instructor. If you can’t then of the qigong exercises discussed in this post – Butterfly Dancing is your best bet, because as stated earlier – it’s much safer.

You see, it’s just too easy to get Green Dragon Separating Water wrong. Tension so easily creeps into the shoulders and arms, and legs that without close supervision you might not spot it. Then you can end up increasing blockages instead of getting rid of them and that has to be avoided.

The third of the qigong exercises that I’ll put forward is ‘Punching With Wide Eyes‘ – this exercise is brilliant for strengthening the heart system and you already know why that will be beneficial for overcoming depression. This exercise also has the added bonus that it’s a great way to get rid of any pent up anger or frustration in a good way. Plus this is always one of my favourite patterns to teach new students. When they do it the first time the ‘HYTT’ sound made whilst punching out is more of a ‘ht’ to start with. But with a little bit of encouragement and demonstration they soon have the windows vibrating =)

Again, I must stress that you only gain the benefits of qigong exercises when they are practiced as qigong – sorry to sound like a broken record on this.

Important note: I must stress that if you are currently on any medication for depression then please continue to take it as advised by your medical professional. I spoke with my doctor about reducing my medication whilst I practiced qigong (seriously and correctly for the first time). She was only too happy to help. Increasingly the medical establishment is looking at exercise as a way to treat depression. So speak with your doctor or health provider before reducing or stopping your medication – we clear on that now?

A report by the Mental Health Foundation (MHF) confirms that drugs are widely overused and it suggests that doctors should prescribe exercise instead. Many, many years ago when I was working as a counselor I taught a few of my clients qigong exercises and found the results to be more beneficial than sessions with me.

Not that I was rubbish! But many of them mentioned that they felt empowered because they were able to do something for themselves, instead of being passive in the journey to their recovery. Personally, and it’s just my opinion, I found qigong exercises to be more effective at overcoming depression and other emotional symptoms than counseling sessions alone.

I remember working with one client a few year ago who was severely depressed, her parents had even flown half way around the world to be close to her. She was convinced that she was going to die soon, and no doctor could convince her otherwise. She really looked like she had the weight of the world on her shoulders. She was a young and attractive women who looked twice her age.

After 3 weeks of using the full assortment of qigong healing tools and techniques available to me – I was the one who was shocked. As I walked to our appointment, there was a women sat on the doorstep to the venue I was using to practice from. Thinking it was just a member of the public I walked straight passed her.

It was only when she called my name that I realised who it was. The change in her whole appearance, her Spirit, everything about her had changed. So much so that I hadn’t recognised her! That was a good day for both of us.

Qigong exercises have a massive amount to offer to those suffering with depression, stress, anxiety and worry. I can’t wait to get my next book written and share these with the world.

Bye for now,

Marcus James Santer