PERFECT: R = Really Smiling From The Heart

Continuing our look at the PERFECT Qigong System. R stands for Really Smiling From The Heart.

Remember the Heart we’re talking about here is the Chinese Heart, or the Emperor as it is known. It is the Emperor because it is the supreme controller of the functions in your body.

In Qigong The Heart is Known as the Emperor

Smiling from the heart is so ridiculously easy and simple and that’s probably why so many of us (myself included at the start of my Shaolin Qigong practice) find it so difficult.

A good teacher links the unknown to the known. It helps to create a bridge that the new student can use to grasp the lesson.

So I will often describe smiling from the heart as:

  • Put a big cheesy grin on your face
  • Imagine one of your children, or a loved pet and smile
  • Imagine a beautiful flower bloassing within you and smile
  • Imagine a friend standing in front of you and smile

But these descriptions are a poor explanation. Smiling from the heart is something you need to practice, practice, practice. Luckily you can practice it where ever you are. Don’t just keep it locked up until you practice Qigong!

I like to smile from the heart whenever I remember to. It helps to open my heart and give me perspective, no matter what appears to be happening in my life. I consider smiling from the heart to be one of my secret weapons against the stresses and strains of modern life.

You’ll know when you’re getting the hang of it because it is a really big feeling. When I smile from the heart I feel like I am expanding beyond the confines of my skin and out into the universe.

Really Smiling From the Heart is the best way I have ever encountered to relax spiritually and really take your QSoM to a deeper dimension.

Once you’ve completed P, E and R you’re usually already buzzing, and when you add F it’s the start of something truly amazing.

Bye for now

Marcus James Santer