Why Wait?

Dear Qigong fan,

I was walking Louis this morning through the beautiful Devon countryside. I always treasure this time being up early, listening to the sound of bird song and watching Louis rampage enthusiastically through the woods.

Not only are Louis walks great for nourishing the soul, they’re also a great opportunity for prayer, meditation and contemplation.

Today’s contemplation revolved around what life would be like if I Clare and I owned our house outright.

I stepped into how it would feel if Clare and I didn’t have to find a huge chunk of change every month. I realised it would free up a lot of anxiety and stress.

It felt very nice.

Then I wondered what life would be like if I was completely debt free, if I owed nothing to nobody. Wow, that really was an enjoyable experience.

Louis enjoying the beautiful Devon countryside

I realised that I wouldn’t be working from 6am to 9pm (with a couple of hours off for dog walks and food breaks) every day trying to generate enough income to feed my financial obligations.

Then I asked myself the question:

But what would you do instead?

And I realised I’d spend more time with my son going swimming and helping him to complete levels he gets stuck on with his computer games. I’d help him to grasp his maths and read more with him.

I realised that I’d go out for coffee with Clare more often (even though she’s a tea drinker). I’d have more time to sit down and listen fully to what was happening in her life. Instead of being in a tearing hurry to get back to work and only half listening.

You get the idea I’m sure (did you know that it’s been scientifically proven that regular Qigong15 blog post readers are smarter than most people?).

As I was contemplating all of this, that’s when the ‘Big Idea’ hit me.

Why Wait?

Why wait until some mythical time in the future when I’m debt free to spend more time with my family enjoying their company and really being present with them?

Why wait for circumstances to be just right?

Why wait for the planets to be in perfect alignment?

Do it now.

And that’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to finish this post and then go swimming with my boy. It’s family fun with floats and toys until 12:30, what’s not to like about that?

But before I wrap up I’d like you to take a few moments and consider if there is anything important in your life that you’re putting off until some future perfect time?

Have you been putting off spending time with your family?

Have you been putting off any activity because you’re waiting for circumstances to be perfect?

The Big Idea is: Why Wait?

Right, where’s my goggles?

Bye for now.

Marcus James Santer


At the end of each day I like to reflect back on that day. As captain of the good ship Marcus Santer I like to check my course regularly and make any necessary changes.

When reviewing today I noticed how incredibly good it felt reflecting back on the time I’d spent with my son.

I’ve also noticed that when my day has included events which are ‘right’ on my internal compass that day is a good day.

But when my day has included events which are ‘wrong’ on my internal compass (I’m human, just like you) then that day doesn’t feel like a good day.

Coincidence? What do you think?

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